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  • Tooth Pain
  • Tooth Decay & Caries
  • Broken Tooth
  • Gum Problems
  • Wisdom Tooth
  • Malaligned Tooth
  • Missing Teeth / Dental Implants
  • Root Canal

Tooth Pain


The pain in or around teeth or around jaws is generally termed as toothache. It is a common dental condition in people who have poor oral hygiene or have dental problems. Cracked tooth, gum problems, dental cavity or other dental diseases primarily cause tooth pain. The pain in tooth or a set of teeth can also be caused due to harsh strokes or impact at the time of brushing; however, such pain is normal and subsides in a day or two. The intensity of tooth pain can be severe or mild depending upon the condition and reason of the pain. In case a person is suffering from toothache, excessive chewing can increase the pain. To seek relieve from such pain it is highly advised to start maintaining ideal oral hygiene and consult a dentist who can thoroughly check the cause of pain through X-rays and other diagnostic methods before suggesting preferred treatment method.

Tooth Decay & Caries


Tooth decay is known as one of the most common problems that human being suffer from. And it is not limited to affecting only children, but even adults suffer from this common problem which results in loss of teeth. It all starts from poor oral care that allows bacteria to act upon food producing acid that mixes with saliva to form harmful plaque.

As per studies, the formation of plaque starts in around 20 minutes, if teeth are not properly cleaned. Therefore, it is best to brush and floss soon after eating. However, if the plaque is not cleansed it weakens the enamel further causing holes in teeth and forming caries or cavities. The cavities keep growing in size and reach closer to nerves in the center of the tooth causing pain and loss of teeth.

Broken Tooth


Teeth are one of the sturdiest parts of human body but due to conditions or poor upkeep they too can break, chip or crack. Further, teeth are also weakened by continuous rough use like biting on something very hard or things that are not meant to be chewed, bitten or broken using teeth. Excessive clenching as a habit of bruxism can also result in tooth breakage. In case a tooth chips or cracks or some part of it breaks away, it is not necessarily painful unless the damage exposes the nerves nestled in the center of the tooth.

At Delhi Dental Cosmetics, we determine if the break was caused by cavities, clenching / grinding, or just incidental trauma and if the tooth’s nerve is in danger. Depending on the severity of the break, the tooth will be treated. A damaged nerve usually will require root canal treatment. Here at Delhi Dental cosmetics we have an exceptional team of professionals who can evaluate and recommend the best treatment needed to restore your teeth!

Gum Problems


Gum problems are not just limited to creating discomfort or pain in the oral cavity; rather it is known to have considerable impact in triggering or even worsening critical illness such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and various auto-immune diseases. And therefore, to save yourself from agonizing pain, discomfort and exposure to critical illnesses, it is best advised to make sure you have a healthy mouth.

It can be safely said that a healthy mouth is a great beginning to a healthy living. At our clinic, we assess you for gum related problems and advise you on keeping them healthy. In case we find problems with your oral health, we inform you about the same and discuss the best possible treatment method that will be further customized for your individual case. High-end technological equipment and impeccable expertise of our dentists further ensure that you receive best treatment for your gum problems with us at, Delhi Dental Cosmetics.

Wisdom Tooth


Gum Diseases, infections, decay and other problems caused due to poor upkeep has always been a matter of concern in case of Wisdom tooth which also happens to be the third molars. If not impacted due to the aforementioned reasons, the wisdom tooth can get find themselves cramped for space and cause problems and even infection.

The process of development or eruption of this tooth is painful and if impacted the growth stunts and the teeth remain buried in the gums. In most of the cases, dentist advice to get the impacted tooth removed. At Delhi Dental Cosmetics, we take more cautious approach and our dental experts run diagnostic tests to assess the actual condition of the tooth before they plan to extract the tooth

Malaligned Tooth



Is your bite misplaced? Have you ever noticed that you have malaligned tooth that is impacting your bite. Or you might have bitten your inner cheek skin, lips, or tongue more often than other. If you feel anything as such resembles your case then you might have malaligned tooth. There could be several reasons for such problem. Either the alignment of your teeth is not right or some of your teeth are degenerating fast than other teeth. A missing tooth could also be a reason as neighboring teeth try to align themselves in way to fill the gap created due to missing tooth, subsequently casing problem of malaligned tooth.

Malocclusion can be easily diagnosed through tests that go a long way in explaining the actual diversion of teeth from an ideal alignment of teeth. At Delhi Dental Cosmetics we carry out tests to assess the condition and suggest treatments ensuring the problem do not cause any further dental deterioration or dental problem.

Missing Teeth / Dental Implants


Dental implants are unanimously considered the gold standard for replacing missing teeth by dentists and dental surgeons throughout the world. Earlier, prior to the time when implants was popular or even developed as it is now, dentists carried out treatment for missing tooth by using bridges. Crowns were fitted on the bridges ensuring missing tooth is completely covered and the loss is mitigated. However, use of bridges also caused damage to neighboring healthy tooth.

But, with implants came a new era. And now filling up the loss of missing tooth is easy and convenient. The root of the tooth used in implant is in form of a titanium screw. Other parts of the implant include crown and abutment. The root of the implant as the titanium screw provides the much needed strength and support to the implant and is also crucial in helping mouth maintain its shape; since in absence of tooth the teeth set changes its place and thus changes the shape of the mouth. So, as in case of one tooth, implant can be used for several teeth.

One the implants are properly in place, the implanted teeth can be brushed, cleansed, flossed and used like natural tooth. In normal scenario, osseointegration takes time and it is best advised that till the implant has fused completely with neighboring teeth, it should be properly taken care of.

Root Canal


In case tooth pulp of a person is damaged the necessity of a root canal procedure arises. And such a condition normally arises due to severally decayed tooth. Through the process of root canal is feared by many, it relieves of pain and obliterate need of any further extraction. While root canals can take two or more appointments, at Delhi Dental Cosmetics we work to make each appointment as comfortable as possible for you; we strongly believe in practicing gentle dentistry.

At our center, the expert dentists run diagnostic tests and assess the level of damage. The effectiveness of the root canal procedure depends on the severity of the damage. Further, crown is then applied to the tooth preventing any further wear and tear of the remaining natural tooth or the sealed pulp.

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