• I’m a health care professional and believe that confidence is necessary while facing people in today’s life. Great confidence comes with a great smile. Although my teeth don’t look out of alignment, they don’t meet correctly and there were spaces in my upper and lower teeth. Finally, after years of discouragement, I decided to seek an orthodontic opinion.I did talk with two different orthodentist before selecting one. My orthodontist (Dr Animesh Agarwal) reviewed my case and told me I required this treatment for cosmetic benefits. He told me that I have to wear braces for 01 complete year followed by 6-8 months period for wearing retainer. I had some apprehensions regarding treatment, since opting for braces treatment is a big decision and also I had not have any prior experience with my dentist. What I was horrifying most was about the pain which I would suffer. But my dentist explained me very agreeably the procedure and the benefits of the treatment. What I would appreciate the most is the way my dentist convinced for treatment. He told me that he would complete the treatment hassle-free and he would be always available for his advice and won’t let go anything wrong in the treatment. I had to visit the clinic quite often to show him the progress of my treatment and for tightening up the braces. But when I started noticing changes in my teeth, I did feel confidence and started realizing that I would look too pretty once my treatment get over.

    Now my treatment is almost finished and I’m very much pleased with the cosmetic look and comfortable fit. I can also notice the changes in my teeth as far as how my looks have changed. I’m looking forward to seeing changes in my smile.  My ortho has told me that I’ll probably need to wear retainers 6 months full time and for couple of months at night. I was very much conformable with his advice since he has brought a very pretty smile on my face. I started getting compliments for my smile and felt great when people like my smile and made me feel beautiful. I would like to acknowledge his efforts, hard work and support, which he provided me. I am highly grateful and satisfied with his work. Thank you again sir.

Looking forward to giving you the smile that lights up the room!

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