Teeth Whitening Procedures

Gross neglect, medical conditions, eating habit and many other factors contribute to the problem of discoloration or yellow teeth. In some cases the teeth acquire grayish color and are mostly due to deposition of nicotine compounds. Teeth whitening are considered to be an ideal treatment for such conditions. However, at Delhi Dental Cosmetics, our dentist advice patients to follow healthy oral habit ensuring the treatment work to the best. As a process teeth whitening is convenient and inexpensive. The treatment aims at removing stains which is achieved by polishing certain chemicals.


As another option, where the inner part of teeth is not naturally white, dentist infuses peroxide chemical ensuring the inner part of teeth becomes white.

Who is a good candidate for teeth whitening?

If you feel your teeth are not looking perfect then you are an ideal candidate for teeth whitening. But, if you have teeth that have stubborn black coating from inside then regular teeth whitening procedures will not work in your case. However, at Delhi Dental Cosmetics, our dentists will assess your condition and suggest you the best possible solution.

What is the material used for teeth whitening?

The material used for teeth whitening in modern day dentistry is generally Peroxide (either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). This chemical is known to seep inside the outer surface of the teeth and cleanse the inner part of the teeth rendering white look to the teeth.

What types of professional whitening systems are the best?

At Delhi Dental Cosmetics, we have the best dentists and support staff following ideally suited teeth whitening practice ensuring we are a name to reckon for cosmetic dentistry including whitening technology.

Hour In-Office Whitening:

It is one of the most popular options for teeth whitening that our dentist use at Delhi Dental Cosmetics. This is a gel, high in concentration and its constituent is hydrogen peroxide. This gel is known to be easily absorbed through the teeth and is capable of producing quick results.. Further, apart from being highly effective process, it is also a quick process and is ideally suited to people who cannot use trays or strips for whole day or who want their teeth to get instantly white or shades lighter than their natural color.

How does it work?


It works like wonder. When you visit our clinic, we can take care of your teeth whitening concern,. On your visit, our dentist will apply a protective coat on your lips, inner cheek and gums. Soon after, gel is applied on your teeth. Once a coating is absorbed, another coat is applied and similarly another coat is also applied as per requirement. All the while the dentist is working on your teeth; you can enjoy your favorite music . By the time your mid-day break comes to an end, your teeth will be several shades lighter and white. However, it does not imply that you can keep this gel and your teeth will keep on getting whiter and brighter; rather there is a limit of every type of teeth to attain maximum level of whitening. And generally, it takes 3 in-office dental whitening treatment and your teeth will attain the whitest possible shade.

However, people with issues of sensitivity to Hydrogen Peroxide could feel mild irritation till 2-3 days of the procedure. At our clinic we also prescribe medicines to protect people from such side effects.

Custom Trays: “Take-Home Trays”

Custom Trays for whitening are widely used for quite long. These trays though are bulky, but are considered Gold Standard for teeth whitening. At our clinic, We develop a model of your teeth set, basis which they develop plastic trays which are a perfect fit to your teeth set. The trays are then ready to be used. We also provide you with peroxide solutions or gels that are to be filled in the trays. After filling the tray, all you need is to wear the tray. Though not many people are able to use the trays at night, while sleeping, but if you can, it is an added advantage, since the gel gets more time to get absorbed in the teeth and whiten them inside out.

How long do whitening results last?

The results of teeth whitening are dependent on how you maintain them and how good is your oral health and hygiene. If you smoke then the whitening will disappear sooner than you can imagine. Tea, coffee, hard drinks, habit of pan masala and even some sort of spices can deteriorate whitening of your teeth quickly. Further, such habit form stains on the teeth which are stubborn and will not go easily even after consequent whitening procedures. And, therefore; our expert dentist advice on not to smoke or consume tobacco products All the more, you should also restrict consumption of tea and coffee to a healthy level. However, if you are losing whiteness of your teeth even if you are not smoking or consuming too much of tea or coffee then you can consult our dentist for a touch up and the whiteness will be restored.

How long will it take to whiten my teeth?

The time taken for your teeth to get white depends upon the method that you are using. If you are using in office bleach then a 1 hour session can offer considerable result. Or, if you choose to go for dental bleach then the result will be quick. People those who use home based system, may get desired result basis the sincerity of use. Further, it also depends upon the condition of your teeth generally, if a person is using a typical procedure, it takes around 10 days to get the desired whitening.

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