Full Mouth Rehabilitation

If a large number of your teeth are impacted, or are damaged in an accident or your jaw bone is not holding root of your teeth then you certainly require the treatment called full mouth rehabilitation. As the name suggests, in this process, expert dentists systemically correct everything from placement to replacement of damaged or lost teeth. Some of the conditions when full mouth rehabilitation is ideally suited are as follows.

  • Severely Worn Down Teeth
  • Numerous Missing Teeth
  • If the top bite dips in below the Bottom Teeth ( Deep Bite)
  • Most of the Teeth have Decayed
  • Excessive Erosion Of The Enamel
  • Congenital Disorders resulting in Poorly-Formed Teeth
  • Traumatic Teeth Injury

Who Should Consider Full Mouth Reconstruction (FMR)?

Full mouth rehabilitation as a dental treatment process is undertaken only in cases when other methods could not offer desired result. The process is lengthy and only an experienced Dental surgeon could carry out the process efficiently. However, exceptional results that the process offer has made it one of the most preferred dental care processes for many who have long neglected their teeth and have exposed their teeth to unnatural wear and tear and have even compromised with the aesthetics of their face in the process. Then this treatment is not a quick fix to all sorts of dental neglect or problems.

Rather, the process of full mouth rehabilitation takes a lot of time and is a complex process. The treatment starts right from the consultation visit that follows with a series of diagnostics tests and measurements. At Delhi Dental Cosmetics, our dental surgeons consider it important to keep the patient educated and informed about the complete process and therefore overall procedure is conveyed to the patient well in advance. This also helps both surgeon and patient to be clear on the desired result and possible outcome of the process.

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